We are proud to present you the greatest adventure spectacle in Croatia. Croatian Olympic Centre "Bjelolasica" organises spectacular adventure racing event that will take competitors through some of the most beautiful and treacherous parts of Croatia. This country gives numerous opportunities to enjoy in adventures and untouched Nature. With more than thousand of islands, numerous white rivers, tempting mountains and dense forests, Croatia is divine place for the adventure race. The race will host 40 international teams, each comprised of 4 persons. Teams will be given 4 days and nights to conquer the most attractive and the most challenging terrain in this part of Europe. Awaiting the competitors are 300 kilometres of hard and unforgettable adventure. In order to reach the finish line, racers will face demanding courses of sea kayaking, mountain biking, mountaineering, fixed rope descending, ascending and traversing, trekking, canoeing, canyoneering, coasteering and swimming with fins. Navigating through the entire course, each team will need to plan all things necessary for survival: food, equipment, and tactic of movement and sleeping. One day before the start of the race, the course will be revealed to the competitors along with maps and instructions. Teams will have little time to adapt for the upcoming challenges that lie ahead. They will need to rely on their survival skills, knowledge, experience and physical training. We wish to all competitors to have a great race. They will need a lot of courage, determination, persistence and strength on their way toward the finish line. Above all we hope that everybody will take with the new friendships, extraordinary experience and unforgettable memories from Croatia. Welcome to the adventure! Croatian Olympic Centre "Bjelolasica"

Simun Cimerman
Race Director