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Running 24.09.2021 Croatia Karlovac 1 Karlovačka četvorka Yes Yes More info 74
Running 26.05.2021 Croatia Karlovac 1-vo kolo Koranske lige 2021   No No More info 69
Running 04.07.2022 Croatia Karlovac 1. TRAIL LIGA KOZJAČA   Yes Yes More info 79
Running 04.05.2022 Croatia Karlovac 1.kolo Koranske lige 2022   No No More info 75
Running 07.10.2018 Croatia Karlovac 12. MEĐUNARODNA UTRKA CRTOM BOJIŠNICE 129 br HV-a   No Yes More info 44
Running 12.10.2019 Croatia Karlovac 13.UTRKA CRTOM BOJIŠNICE 129.BR.HV No Yes More info 60
Running 25.10.2020 Croatia Karlovac 14.utrka CRTOM BOJIŠNICE 129 BR HV-a- OTKAZANO   No No More info 68
Running 24.09.2022 Croatia Karlovac 15. Međunarodna utrka „Crtom bojišnice 129 br. HV-a“   Yes Yes More info 84
Running 17.06.2021 Croatia Karlovac 2-go kolo ljetne Koranske lige 2021   No No More info 70
Running 11.07.2022 Croatia Karlovac 2. TRAIL LIGA KOZJAČA   Yes Yes More info 80
Running 24.06.2022 Croatia Karlovac 2.FESTIVAL SPORTSKE REKREACIJE 4KM, UTRKA GRAĐANA   Yes Yes More info 78
Running 11.05.2022 Croatia Karlovac 2.kolo Koranske lige 2022   Yes No More info 76
Running 23.06.2021 Croatia Karlovac 3-će kolo Koranske ljetne lige 2021   No No More info 71
Running 18.05.2022 Croatia Karlovac 3-će kolo ljetne Koranske lige 2022   No No More info 77
Trail Running 11.05.2019 Croatia Karlovac 3. Kalvarija trail No Yes More info 46
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